A Realty Investment Business that is Opening Doors to People Around the World: This is Kamehameha Realty

Now, more than ever, people are becoming increasingly aware of how investing could change their lives. As the world begins to reopen, so too do the opportunities around us. That’s why so many people think now is as good a time as any to begin investing in the United States

One of the many places that is helping people invest in the real estate market is Kamehameha Realty. They, like many others, are encouraging people to invest in the market right now and for the future due to the incredible trends occurring.

The company itself started with the intention of helping friends and family who were financially struggling in order to make some extra money. Now, they work with individuals from all over, especially South America, to educate and encourage those who are looking to invest in real estate in the U.S. but may not know where to begin.

Kamehameha Realty, Management & Investment Services, has 11 years of investment expertise here in the U.S. and is eager to help interested investors learn how to generate income that is safe, profitable, and dependable- no experience required. For many people, information can be a large barrier to entry. If you do not have the right information, you may be making the wrong decisions, but Kamehameha wants to help make sure their clients have that information.

Specializing in real estate investments in Florida and Ohio, Kamehameha Realty’s success did not always come easily. Getting a foothold can be incredibly difficult, but after years of hard work and slowly growing their business, they were able to overcome those obstacles.

Kamehameha Realty was founded by Alejandra Alvarado. As a young Venezualan woman, she moved to the United States to pursue a degree in Business Administration. While learning in English, but thinking in Spanish, she earned her B.A. and M.B.A. and hasn’t looked back since. Now a mother of 3 children, she is managing 220 units in property management, flips, and retail sales.

“My ability to be 100% bilingual and that I am able to understand and relate to other cultures and people makes me unique. I am open to teaching others, I love working with diversity in people and cultures. Success means waking up and going to bed happy every day and appreciating that I did my best for that day. Being able to change my attitude toward difficult situations and turn them into opportunities. Being grateful for all we have regardless of the current situation,” Alejandra explains.

Kamehameha Realty seeks to further grow her business and to bring in more foreign investors. Looking forward, she is working to stabilize the company’s first 1st multifamily 76 units. The project should be completed by May, 2021. If you’re looking to learn more, visit Kamehameha Realty’s website here.