Blockchain for Every Player: How Bitspawn Protocol is Changing the Face of Online Gaming

First came blockchain, then NFTs, and now: Bitspawn. With the world of competitive gaming and tournaments exploding around them, entrepreneurs Lukas Kamandulis, Eric Godwin, and Rhys Boulanger set out to solve some of the biggest issues in competitive gaming. Now Bitspawn – their collective brainchild – stands as one of the largest esport tournament websites in the world, revolutionizing the way players play, socialize, and monetize their winnings in hypercompetitive online arenas.

“I came up with the idea for Bitspawn after using the legacy online solutions for competitive gaming over the years,” Lukas shares. “Players have no control or rights and are subject to long waits over payout. Bitspawn solves these issues by handing players control over monetizing their abilities and competitive profiles, as well as by ensuring payouts in events. Bitspawn also extends past competitive gaming by allowing communities to grow and socialize, while building their own marketplaces and gaming apps.”

Riding the tailwinds of the recent NFT-fueled blockchain boom, these three founders are moving to hand players even more control over their competitions and winnings. By merging the power of blockchain with the high-speed payouts of online gaming, Bitspawn is building the digital infrastructure for mainstream adoption. The founders believe that by democratizing blockchain access among all gamers, their platform will allow everyday players to make money off of their skills and in-game successes. A huge part of this vision is built on Bitspawn Protocol’s leveraging of Solana, as founder Eric shares:

“Most of the other gaming solutions out there are built on Ethereum. We are the first gaming infrastructure protocol to be built on Solana. Competitive advantages for Bitspawn include our ability to build out an ecosystem of dozens of supported applications and sites, as we are not a simple DApp. We also lead in aggregating game data into on-chain contracts that can be used by players in a variety of ways. And our proof of respawn mechanism is one of the first of its kind to be tied into gaming progression and rewards alongside players using their own, custom NFT avatars.”

Indeed, within Bitspawn’s plan to decentralize the gaming economy are several revolutionary features:

  1. Bitspawn NFTs – allowing players to buy, trade, and sell digital items and exchange digital items for physical goods.
  2. Bitspawn GameFi – a Proof-of-Respawn (PoR) Reward Mechanism ensuring rewards are distributed by ability-based algorithms to align incentives between players, communities, developers, and brands.
  3. Bitspawn Oracle – enabling the aggregation of on-chain and off-chain game data, while giving community devs the ability to build powerful gaming applications and tools on their own.

As Rhys shares, “The Bitspawn network is driven by the SPWN token, which provides utility in establishing a marketplace of competitive events and community rewards. Moving forward, our plan for the rest of 2021 is to focus heavily on tokenizing traditional gaming (esports) and growing blockchain gaming (NFTs). After our suite of features have been built out into, we will open our APIs and dev kits to the community, so that they can build their own gaming websites and apps using Bitspawn.”

What started as an ambitious dream for three young gamers now morphs into reality as each one contributes their unique expertise and gaming experience to Bitspawn’s growing suite of features and tools. As the world of esports continues to grow at breakneck pace, Bitspawn is providing the infrastructure to redistribute its rewards among gamers of all levels and expertise. With a new age dawning for online gaming, Bitspawn is poised to change the face of the game for one and for all.

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