Elon Musk suggests he could charge $8 a month for Twitter verification after criticism of $19.99 plan

After facing a wave of criticism for his plan to charge Twitter users $19.99 a month to get or keep their accounts verified, Elon Musk has a counter offer: maybe $8?

Under Musk, Twitter is working to update its subscription service, known as “Twitter Blue” and currently costing $4.99 a month, to include verification.

According to internal Twitter planning documents accessed by CNN, Twitter could remove the coveted blue check marks from currently verified users if they don’t start paying the higher price of $19.99 within the next 90 days.

The news quickly sparked outrage and disbelief among some longtime Twitter users, including author Stephen King, who has nearly seven million followers on the platform.

“20 bucks a month to keep my double blue tick?” he tweeted this Monday, followed by a swear word. “They should pay me. If that is implemented, I will go like Enron.” Later, in a response, King added: “it’s not the money, it’s the principles of the thing.”