KB “The Playmaker” Barrell Is Making An Impact On The Music Industry

In the age of digital promotion and marketing, there is one very important factor all major music labels are beginning to understand — “Visual street promotion and marketing techniques are part of the promotional future.”

From the late ’90s through 2010, Rap music street promotion companies made a huge impact when it came to making the public aware of a new release. Now, there are “Pop-Up Shops” and autograph signing sessions, personal appearances, and on many occasions, “Pop-Up performances” by new artists. Even the simplest of methods like placing advertisements on car windshields have exploded nationwide. One of the top executives in this field of promotion is Mr. KB “The Playmaker” Barrell.

Mr. KB “The Playmaker” Barrell’s company “Customs By Theplaymaker” is based in the city of Milwaukee, WI. Barrell covers several major cities in the Mid-West region including Chicago, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Detroit, St. Louis, Topeka, Cincinnati, and many other smaller markets surrounding those central areas.

It seems as if these old-school promotional/marketing efforts, instituted by companies such as “Def Jam” and “Loud Records” 20 plus years ago, have now taken center stage again within the Rap music culture. KB “The Playmaker” Barrell has never stopped catering to the streets and is at the top of his game in 2021-2022 with his non-stop street promotional efforts.

“Customs By Theplaymaker” is currently promoting the following hit artists, not only from a street promotional aspect but with a combination of  digital and “up-close and personal” marketing techniques: “T-Rell”, “54 Baby Trey”, “The SpeedKnot Mobstaz”, “Looney Babie”, “Glasses Malone”, “Gwapo Chapo”, “Kokane”, “Prince Party”,  “Esc Deez”, “H1 Da Hook”,  “DJ Battlecat”, Lil Saucy  “Compton Yellaboii Tha Duke”, “Shantii” “The MT Twins” “Big Unc” “Dolpha Rasza” “SpeedKnot Mobstaz” “Glocc Sinatra”, “Comedian Bankhead”  and the late “King Von”

The playmaker is also developing his own line of dolls called “RAPPER FIGURES” which will have the likeliness of some of your favorite artists. He is also in the final stages of opening Milwaukee’s 1st and only artist development facility called “ THE COMPOUND”  this will be a safe place for up-and-coming creatives to hone their talents. The facility will be equipped with a full-service internet & social media marketing team, a Podcast area, a Practice stage, a Photo & Video area, Full service graphic design and print department, Tour and Merchandising setup along with consultation and Music education courses.

All business inquiries should be forwarded to KB “The Playmaker” Barrell.