Meet Priscilla La Ruffera: The Woman Behind PLR Construction, a General Contractor Company Run and Operated By Women

Priscilla Holguin owns and runs  PLR Construction, a general contractor company run and operated by women. She dedicates herself to the world of construction, which is part of why she is known as Priscilla La Ruffera.

PLR Construction operates as a general contractor, which means they can do anything related to the construction industry on both residential and commercial properties. They can erect a building from scratch, do restoration projects, replace roofs, windows, exterior and interior planning, or work on patio covers and full basement finishing and remodeling.

A woman roofer is something most people are unable to understand. It wasn’t always what I thought I would do in life, but after graduating high school my father took me to work for him. He has his own company and taught me everything I needed to know about roofing, from tear-off to installation.” Priscilla says.

Soon after Priscilla started to accompany her father while he worked in construction, she learned the trade and skills necessary to tear off and install a new roof. That is when she became a “roofer,” or in Spanish, a “ruffera.”

This didn’t come easy because I was always criticized by the other workers because I was a woman. But it didn’t stop me from showing them that not only can I do their job, but I can do it better. I began to learn how to run a business at which point I started door knocking for a different company which was harder for me than labor. I did this for some time then decided it was the perfect moment to start my own company which is when PLR Construction was formed.” Priscilla shares.

Priscilla’s motivation has always been her parents, who pushed her to strive to be better every day and create her own path. She grew up watching them come to the United States and leave everything behind for a better future.

I was motivated since I was a little girl watching my parents come to the United States without speaking English and leave everything behind, to each building their own successful businesses that are still running to this day. Also, the freedom of being your own boss and not having an income limit were very important factors in starting my own business.” Priscilla adds.

Like other entrepreneurs and business owners, Priscilla considers mindset is crucial in starting a new business.  In her case, she has had an entrepreneurial mindset since she was very young. 

“It takes someone who is dedicated and self driven to be able to overcome the obstacles involved in the beginning stages. It’s also important to have a mindset in which you know that failure is okay because no matter how good you think you’re doing, there will always be failures along the way. This isn’t just in business but also in life because it’s from these failures that we build character and become stronger versions of ourselves.” She states.

Another obstacle Priscilla faced at the beginning was being afraid to go and call people’s houses to promote her business and services. But she pushed herself to do it and now PLR shows its own results with every business opportunity.

PLR contractors are committed to numerous different services. They do not cut corners to save on the back end but rather focus on providing the highest quality of labor and materials.

Priscilla launched PLR to empower other women, building on her experience in the profession facing discrimination and other obstacles. Moving forward, she wants to expand into real estate and start flipping houses and become an influencer on social media. Find out more here.