Nicole Betancourt Uses Social Media To Show Others That If She Can Advance in Life So Can They: Learn More About The Actress and Entrepreneur

Nicole Betancur, also known as Nikole, is an entrepreneur and actress born in Miami and raised in the city of Medellin in Colombia. From a very young age she has loved music, dancing, and acting, which she began to study at the age of 7.

After finishing her studies at school, Nicole went back to the United States where she worked different jobs as a model, waitress, and hostess. She gradually got into the world of social media, which today is her passion.

“Little by little I started with social media and today it is something that I am passionate about. I seek to grow and explore more and more as I am studying digital marketing. In terms of acting I continue to study, and in my free time I also write songs.” Nicole shares.

Nicole describes herself as a woman with the desire to move forward in order to achieve her goals, becoming better every day and with the ability to provide others with something that will serve as a source of inspiration.

“I want people to see that if I can do it, so can you.” Nicole explains, and adds, “That is why today I focus on growing my personal brand as Nikole. This happened in a very spontaneous way. I have always liked the cameras and my first videos were made by my dad. With the camera, he has recorded me since I was born.”

At the same time, Nicole is working on finalizing a project she has been working on for more than two years: launching her own skincare line. For her this started four years ago when she struggled with her own skin. 

My grandmother and my mother gave me two ingredients that changed my skin and my life, and from there I wanted to create a product with that to help many people who do not feel good about their skin.” She says.

With both her skincare line and her personal brand, Nicole wants to convey a message to other women so they understand the great value that every woman has within society while sharing her beauty secrets. 

As Nikole on social media, I was motivated to bring a message to women, to understand how valuable we are. I also like to help other women by giving them tips on how to highlight the best version of themselves. I was motivated to take my skincare brand, share with everyone my beauty secrets and what has worked for me, understanding that everything starts on the inside to be reflected on the outside.” She states.

While many entrepreneurs focus on their competition, for Nicole that is not a factor to take into account since she considers that the only competition is herself.

The only one I always compete with is myself. Every person in the world is unique. If you want to compete with someone you will always end up losing since we can’t be anyone but ourselves. That is why every day I try to improve and learn, see what I can do to change, and always try to be better than I was yesterday.” Nicole comments.

There are different circumstances in life that can stand in our way as obstacles that must be overcome to move forward on the road to success. In Nicole’s case the fear of what people might say was a big challenge. 

Living in fear of what people might say was an obstacle in my life that did not let me do many things that today I can do. I continue working every day on this and understand that in the end, you know who you are. People will always talk, lie, or criticize. The important thing is to be true to yourself and what you really want.” Nicole stresses.

In the future, Nicole has many projects in mind such as developing her skincare products and acting career, and continuing to create a lot of content to grow her social media. 

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