Nicole Manuel-Johnson Didn’t Change Who She Was to Meet the Challenges of the Businessworld. Instead, She Pushed for Her Dream and Made it Happen.

Nicole Manuel-Johnson, Founder & CEO of Babe and Company Designs continues to break down barriers and walk through the doors of all that once seemed impossible to her amidst a global pandemic. 

With 3 Businesses under her, Babe & Company Brand Umbrella to date, Nicole Manuel-Johnson hasn’t accepted anything less than what she feels she deserves for herself and career, as she should. 

Nicole’s no stranger to dominating Male-Dominated Industries as she has been both a Bus and Truck Driver throughout her Journey. 

We believe this was a divine setup for where she is and who she’s become in the Interior Design World today. It’s safe to say she’s dominating a game that isn’t necessarily “Designed” for her to be a “Leading Player” if you will. 

Furthermore, Nicole has built The Babe & Company Brand on the back of her unwillingness to settle or fade to the background as so many Women of Color feel that have to do for the sake of their brands. As a result of her tenacity, Not only has she become the face of her own Brand, But the Face of “We, As women of color can command accomplish whatever we put our minds to as anyone else can”. 

Babe & Company produces Bold, yet Tasteful masterpieces for its list of VIP clients and isn’t showing any sign of slowing down.    

Nicole started her first business in 2016 and she’s been leaving her clients happy ever since by way of her very unique and perfectly executed Interior Designs, always custom made per the client’s vision. She’s created effective and affordable packages with the clients in mind. 

Additionally, Nicole Johnson and The Babe & Company brand has created financial opportunities for her family and friends with criminal backgrounds and this is just one of the many ways Nicole has been able to give back to her community. 

We will continue to follow this Success Story as it’s just the beginning for Nicole Johnson, The Serial Entrepreneur well on her way to becoming a Multi-Millionaire. 

Follow her social media journey @luxeinteriorsbynicole