Sheree Wright: Leading the Struggle for Justice in Arizona’s Legal Arena for Marginalized Communities

Sheree Wright is a trailblazer in her family, was the first to set foot on American college grounds and pursue a prestigious law degree. Her remarkable journey has been profoundly shaped by a multitude of experiences, fueling her unwavering determination to champion the rights of those who have been silenced and marginalized.

Growing up in Skokie, a suburban town in Illinois, and later relocating to Highland Park, Sheree experienced firsthand the harsh reality of racial discrimination. One incident that left an indelible mark on her memory was the public assassination of Ricky Byrdsong, the father of one of her classmates, at the hands of a white nationalist in 1999.

This tragic event had a profound and lasting impact on Sheree, influencing her perspective and instilling a broad-minded outlook from an early age. These deeply affecting encounters served as a driving force for her relentless commitment to advocate for justice and promote equality in all aspects of society.

While pursuing her bachelor’s degree at DePaul University in Chicago, Sheree served as an investigator alongside the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). 

My main focus there was to investigate cases that involved employment discrimination on the basis of age, race, sex, gender, or disabilities in Fortune 500 companies.” Sheree recounts.

While employed at the EEOC, Sheree developed a sense of duty to advocate for the marginalized and empower the underprivileged. 

Despite relocating from Chicago and leaving her position at the EEOC to pursue legal studies in Arizona, her commitment to advancing equality remained unbreakable. During her time in law school, she took the initiative to co-establish The Wright Way Foundation.

The foundation seeks to reduce poverty and homelessness while generating and providing educational resources necessary to support youths, families, groups, and educators in Jamaica.” Sheree states.

The Wright Way Foundation actively contributes to civil society in Jamaica by engaging in charitable projects and collaborating with local orphanages and educational institutions.

Today, Sheree is a determined and ambitious immigrant originally from the picturesque island of Jamaica, has been making a lasting impact in the legal arena through her outstanding achievements as the esteemed founder of IBF Law Group, located in the vibrant heart of downtown Phoenix.

IBF Law Group is a respected law firm known for its commitment to assisting marginalized communities in navigating the complexities of the legal system. Driven by a persistent dedication to social justice, IBF Law Group diligently advocates for the rights of minorities, offering comprehensive legal support and expert guidance to ensure fair outcomes in their legal battles.

As founder, Sheree is resolute in her mission to address the pressing issue of inadequate representation and limited diversity within Arizona’s court system, recognizing that this critical matter hinders the system’s ability to administer equitable and unbiased justice.

Arizona’s judges are disproportionately white and male, which undoubtedly, threatens the court’s ability to deliver fair and impartial justice.” Sheree explains.

Aside from her nonprofit work focused on advancing equality and IBF Law Group, Sheree is also deeply committed to civic engagement. She has become an integral part of Mi Familia Vota, a prominent national organization dedicated to creating a more inclusive and participatory society. 

As a dedicated volunteer, Sheree goes above and beyond to advocate for social and economic justice, showcasing her unshakable dedication.

Sheree’s involvement includes organizing and leading impactful citizenship workshops, skillfully facilitating voter registration initiatives, and passionately encouraging individuals to exercise their right to vote, thereby empowering communities to shape their desired future.

Be a part of Sheree Wright’s mission to promote fair justice and inclusive representation! Challenge the presence of systemic bias and lack of diversity in Arizona’s court system. Seize the opportunity to make a difference and drive transformative change.