The Road to Success: The Inspiring Story of Norma Vazquez, an Entrepreneur Who Defied All Barriers

Norma Vazquez is a native of Mexico who specializes in representative audits and tax return preparation, in addition to offering business development advice through Nova Tax Solutions. A tireless fighter who has dedicated her life to the effort and determination to achieve her goals. 

From an early age, Norma faced economic adversity, but never let it dampen her desire to obtain a higher education and become a graduate. Her grandmother, although she had limited resources, conveyed to her the importance of pursuing her dreams.

I came to this country just like many other women, full of hope and with the goal of bettering myself, a yearning that has been part of me since I was very young,” Norma expresses.

Starting her career as a tax preparer at the age of 18 was a real challenge. Despite language barriers and fear of failure, Norma decided to embark on this adventure. There was no shortage of voices telling her she would not make it, but that only strengthened her determination.

I started my career as a tax preparer at the age of 18, encouraged by a Venezuelan friend who already had her own office. There were those who told me that I would not make it and that I should take any failure as a life lesson. However, those comments only strengthened my determination to keep going,” Norma says.

During her first year, Norma handled 50 tax returns. However, her hard work and dedication soon led her to handle 140 returns in the second year and 300 in the third year. By the fourth year, she was preparing about 1,400 returns. 

This journey has been the result of tireless effort and dedication. But the most important thing in all this journey has been the motivation to move forward in life, both for me and for my son, whom I had at a very young age,” comments Norma.

While Norma was a responsible mother, growing her business and attending school, she managed to raise her son. Now 29 years old, her son is a living testament to her determination and ability to overcome obstacles.

Norma did not stop with her tax preparation. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Business Administration and Accounting. She is also certified as an IRS Enrolled Agent and is on track to complete an MBA in Accounting.

Norma’s motivation for starting her business Nova Tax Solutions was to be her own boss and contribute to job creation and opportunity in her community. However, the challenges of starting a business have been no stranger to her. 

Maintaining self-confidence and not allowing negative criticism to undermine her dreams has been one of the biggest obstacles. For her, mindset is crucial in the business world. She understands that achieving goals requires constant effort and facing obstacles is part of the road to success.

Being prepared to work hard hours and face challenges is an integral part of the road to entrepreneurial success,” shares Norma.

Her advice for those who want to start their own business is to believe in their projects, write down strategies, keep a positive mindset, and persevere. She also stresses the importance of building a supportive team and continuing to develop.

Norma has big plans for the future. She wants to expand her company by opening new branches and developing franchises under the Nova Tax Solution name. In addition, she is committed to contributing positively to the lives of others by helping them become better people.

What sets Norma apart from the competition is her love of sharing knowledge and experiences with others. She enjoys watching other people grow and achieve their dreams.

Ready to embark on your path to success? Take advantage of Norma Vazquez’s inspiration and remember that determination and constant effort are the keys. What are you waiting for? It’s time to take the first step toward your goals! Act now!