Walid Nasserdeen: the One-Man Team Turning the Forecasting and Planning Industry Upside Down

If the pandemic has taught the business world anything, it’s that only the adaptable survive. Unfortunately, companies both large and small failed miserably at reading and adapting to the demand-side upheavals brought on by COVID-19. Walid Nasserdeen is on a mission to change that. By helping businesses stay lean and outsource demand forecasting and planning functions, Walid’s firm is changing the way that companies both large and small do business in increasingly volatile markets.

“I have been in the operations planning and forecasting field for 15+ years,” shares Walid. “I see the future of outsourcing supply chain components being a massive change to the way most consumer businesses have been run. My aim is to fill multiple gaps I see in the industry; one being the all or nothing approach to planning and forecasting, and another being the gap between being either a consultant or service provider.”

From meatpacking to microchips, consumers the world over have felt the ill effects of supply chain disruption during COVID-19. But on the business side, many companies are too stuck in their traditional way of doing things to meet ever-changing consumer needs. Walid’s firm, W.NDeen Advisory, helps companies of all sizes outsource crucial forecasting and operations planning functions, enabling them to proactively identify and address market changes without sacrificing their own staff’s crucial time and resources.

Moving past COVID, Walid shares that his primary project is the continued expansion of W.NDeen Advisory Firm

“As we continue supporting companies in this turbulent post-COVID supply chain, there are numerous opportunities not only to help grow and even save organizations through supply chain review, but also to redefine what supply chain excellence and optimization means in our space as the world continues to adapt to new technology and new ideas of how to do business.”

As an entrepreneur and self-starter, Walid has had plenty of experience in adapting his own business to the changing needs and demands of customers. Whether cutting through the omnipresent red tape and bureaucracy of larger organizations, or helping new players to understand the markets they intend to enter, Walid has witnessed the importance of adaptability first-hand. For Walid, much of this adaptability starts in one’s mindset and approach to business, as he shares in the quote below:

“Mindset is incredibly important, not only in business but life itself. What you build and attract is ultimately a reflection of where you put your efforts and how you focus your energy. Your mindset will be the scope of view in which you recognize opportunities and difficulties and may very well determine whether you can pass through the storm unscathed or fall behind the competitors and naysayers yelling at you from the sidelines.”

Powerful words from a man who now handles planning and forecasting for some of the biggest brands in the world. Now, moving forward, Walid aims to expand his firm to bring on more institutional-level clients, while working to fundamentally change the way businesses view forecasting and planning. With the pandemic still fresh in the minds (and account books) of so many companies, it is no surprise that a firm like W.NDeen Advisory has transformed itself into a major player in a rapidly expanding industry. 

You can follow Walid on LinkedIn and Instagram (@wnasserdeen), or contact him directly at www.wndeenadvisory.com