XYZ Research- Providing Investigative Neuroscience To Achieve Your Campaign Goals

Meet Martin Paz – a multi-faceted Venezuelan entrepreneur, consultant, engineer, marketer, and researcher of XYZ Research and No Es Marketing

Through XYZ Research, Martin provides qualitative research that allows his clients to obtain high-quality information to develop political campaigns for electoral and/or governmental purposes. Every research is innovative as it develops new methods and combines neuroscience techniques to understand how their client’s brain works thanks to “neuro persuasion techniques” or “neuromarketing” to sell more products through LIVE neuroscience technology training. 

Compared to other competitors, Martin has successfully gone deep into neuro research and is constantly perfecting his techniques, to serve as a tool for others to achieve better results in their businesses. For clients, Martin now tests the brain-emotional impact of all the pieces of a campaign (logos, slogans, photographs, etc.) to optimize them and achieve the greatest emotional impact when they are launched. 

Martin for years now has always been passionate about human behavioral research.  Despite the biggest challenge in his life, fleeing Venezuela due to political persecution for opposing Nicolás Maduro’s regime, Martin has overcome that obstacle and now takes great pride in his work and dedication above all. With the right mindset and motivation, Martin fully dedicated himself to his research and studies to provide scientific information to those who want to learn how to sell more, have more persuasive communication, or win free and fair elections.

“My passion is to understand why, when, and how people make decisions, what makes them say yes in a negotiation or what makes them choose between one candidate or another in the case of research applied to electoral processes.”

Furthermore, knowing what people think, say, and feel through qualitative methods and neuroscientific technology has also allowed Martin to share valuable information with non-electoral/governmental companies as well, such as commercial and marketing teams. With No Es Marketing, a digital marketing agency focused on lead generation, Martin helps entrepreneurs and businessmen to turn their social networks into real sales machines with a clear return on investment. 

Now, Martin is going full throttle in expanding his businesses and reaching new audiences in Latin America to research hundreds of other clients. His vision in the upcoming year is to bring my live neuroscience technology training to sales and commercial teams in the United States and to support strategists and politicians in campaigns with qualitative research and neuroscience technology. 

“When you do what you like and you get good results, you want to do it more and more. Reach more people, be able to support more people.”

For more information on XYZ research check out their website on and for No Es Marketing Follow Martin on Instagram @martinepaz