What it Takes to be a Female Entrepreneur: The Tyler Berger Success Story

Tyler Berger is a fighter. Her fighting spirit was born through her upbringing in rural Texas where a life of ranching and rodeo taught her the value of grit and hard work. What it takes to run a farm is apparently what is needed to run a business, as Tyler cultivated these same skills to dominate the field of intellectual property and business law.

“Ranching and rodeo taught me an unmatched work ethic. The work must get done no matter what circumstances are thrown your way,” Tyler says of her childhood chores. “Wind, rain or shine, the job must be done, and often on a resolute deadline. This not only instilled exemplary time management skills, but also helped me become a sedulous problem-solver and taught me how to be an integral part of a team.”

Life on the farm laid the foundation for Tyler to capitalize on her academic and professional success, and in 2019 she became the founder and owner of Berger Law Firm, PLLC. Her drive for entrepreneurship was fueled by her desire for a challenge and inspiration to help others. This naturally aligned with the field of intellectual property and business law.

“Typically I deal with individuals and businesses that are growing, building, and excited about the future. It makes my job so much more fun,” Tyler states. “Business law and intellectual property are also exciting because case law is constantly setting new precedents and expanding our capabilities as attorneys. It is much more fast paced than some other areas of legal practice and there are so many positive aspects of client interaction.”

Tyler’s shrewd business sense not only gives her a unique perspective with clients, but also allows her to manage her own enterprises. In fact, Tyler is in the midst of relaunching a branch of her firm that specializes in prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Tyler wishes to protect her clients in any and all avenues, especially in marriage.

Where owning Trademark registrations sets the foundation for your brand, a Prenuptial Agreement serves as the foundation for your marriage. Always at the forefront of innovation, Tyler’s business will focus on bridging the gap between antiquated law firms and fill-in-the-blank online services that draft questionable agreements. Her branch will provide personalized, enforceable documents to couples that wish to avoid an expensive and time-consuming process with uptight law firms.

Tyler’s recent business venture exemplifies her innate entrepreneurship and drive for success. She knows how to utilize her strengths to optimize client satisfaction, and she knows the exact routes that allow her to do so. Let Tyler’s expertise help you capitalize on your own success by booking a consultation and following her on LinkedInFacebook, and Instagram.