OYA: The Wellness Oasis That Fuels Creativity – A Conversation with JRich, grammy nominated audio engineer, known to work with Offset & CardiB

In innovative entrepreneurship and groundbreaking businesses, Michala and Mayan Metzler, the power couple behind OYA, shine as beacons of transformative change. Their vision for OYA encompasses mental health, creativity, holistic wellness, and sustainability.

JRich, an Atlanta-based hip-hop artist, professional manager, and music engineer shares his experience at OYA, highlighting its significance in fostering mental health and nurturing creativity. From state-of-the-art facilities to unique therapies, OYA has created an oasis for rejuvenation and self-discovery.

Q1: Can you tell us about your experience at OYA and how it has impacted your life and creative process?

JRich: “I had the amazing opportunity to go out there for my birthday and relax. I’m always on the go, constantly on the road. So, being able to unwind at OYA was a game-changer. They offer a wide range of services, from horse therapy to sound baths. It’s an incredible health journey, especially for people in the music industry who are always moving at a fast pace. OYA gave me a sense of overwhelming peace, allowing me to return to work with a fresh mind. Plus, they have a studio on-site, which is a dream for musicians.”

Q2: Could you share a bit about the therapies you experienced at OYA and their impact on you?

JRich: “I loved OYA; every day brought a new experience. The variety of activities and exercises they offer put you in the right mindset to release and create. One of my favorites was the sound baths. As an audio engineer, closing my eyes and immersing myself in the healing power of music was incredible. We had a great session.”

Q3: OYA offers horse therapy among its diverse activities. Can you tell us more about your experience with this unique therapy?

JRich: “Horse therapy at OYA was intriguing. It’s not just horseback riding; it’s a holistic experience.”

Q4: How do OYA’s environment and services contribute to fostering mental health and creativity?

JRich: “OYA’s environment, right on the beach in the Dominican Republic, is awe-inspiring. It’s a place where you can truly relax and disconnect from the world’s chaos. The range of therapies and natural beauty create the perfect setting for mental health rejuvenation. OYA sets the stage for nurturing mental health and unlocking creativity.”

OYA, led by Michala and Mayan Metzler, is more than just a wellness retreat. It’s a sanctuary that addresses the importance of mental health and creativity. JRich’s experience at OYA is a clear example about this innovative venture’s impact on individuals, particularly those in fast-paced industries.

OYA’s unique therapies, state-of-the-art facilities, and serene environment create an environment that fosters both mental well-being and creative inspiration.

As OYA continues to pioneer holistic wellness, it is a testament to Michala and Mayan Metzler’s visionary mission to empower individuals worldwide. With locations in the Dominican Republic, Virginia, New York, and Greece (with more on the horizon), OYA’s footprint is expanding, offering people across the globe a chance to embark on their transformative journey.

If you’re seeking an extraordinary escape that rekindles your spirit, nurtures your creativity, and recharges your mental health, OYA awaits your arrival, click here to learn more about OYA.